S-A-T USB Shock-Absorber-Tester

It isn't always just a matter of size!

The S-A-T USB was designed as a time and money-saving method of testing shock absorbers whilst still fitted to a vehicle. This precision tool that is based upon ultrasonic distance-measuring technology has a home in every workshop and its optimal ease of use and operation mean that is easy to get used to.

You can find a video presentation here.


S-A-T USB Display

Increased turnover, thanks to safety

Defective shock absorbers have no chance with S-A-T USB and your customers benefit from greater safety, whilst your workshop increases its sales by replacing defective shock absorbers.

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The technology makes it all possible

No connection to mains electricity is needed, which means that you can test shock absorbers either inside or outside the workshop. The S-A-T USB is controlled by a powerful 32-bit processor and is also fitted with an LCD display, a rapid and robust thermoprinting system and a USB interface.

The collected data can therefore be analysed, evaluated, displayed in the form of graphs and printed, either with or without the support of a PC. Easy-to-understand measurement reports then provide your customers with all of the evidence they need.

S-A-T USB Ausdruck

PC Software

The decisive factor

The S-A-T USB is supplied with a comprehensive package of PC software:

  • all settings can be changed by the click of a mouse
  • text is entered comfortably by using the keyboard
  • measurements are prepared on the PC
  • simple method of data exchange between PC and S-A-T USB
  • up to 25 data records can be processed simultaneously
  • automatic allocation of imported test results
  • clear archive of vehicle, measurement and customer information
  • print-out of results on A4 paper carrying your company's letterhead
  • import facility for existing customer databases
  • Online update function, meaning that system is always up to date

An investment with prospects

Thanks to its comparatively low acquisition, operating and maintenance costs, the S-A-T USB will pay for itself within a very short time, making it a very lucrative and indispensible piece of equipment for your company.

Technical details


• Dimension of basic device: 15,7 x 10,0 x 8,5 cm
• Dimension of case: 40,0 x 11,0 x 30,0 cm
• Weight of basic device: 720 g
• Weight inclöudeing case and accessories: 2,65 kg
• Electricity supply during battery operation: 8,4V
• Electricity supply during mains operation: 100-240V ~50-60Hz
• Display: 128 x 64 Pixel
• Thermal printer: line printer 288 dpl
• RoHS-compliant in accordance with Directive 2002/95/EG

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the technical specifications