In addition to the supply of hardware components the focus lies in the field of Engineering. This starts with the project engineering of the customized hardware on the basis of the MT-COM and continues with the development and production of the hardware up to the programming of the required software. Also the customers are supported by the development of their own hardware and software in connection with the MT-COM or the Computer-on-Display System MT-BASE. The customer has got the advantage to receive the required hardware up to the necessary engineering services like hardware developemnt and software programming from a single source.


Coordination and handling is completely done by us.

If the customer likes to take over the development of hardware and software himself, the use of the MT COM products simplifies and shortens his development significantly, because he can come back to existing parts and circuit diagrams or programmes he uses under Windows CE or Linux with the software development. For example, the programming under Windows CE or Linux has the rigorous advantage that you have not to take care about "Low Level" programming any more and above all it is possible to use usual  application programming under Windows or Linux.


We advise you with pleasure!