Update S-A-T USB (19-04-2011): New Firmware v2.0, PC software v2.0 and adapted operating manuals available.

New features in version 2.0:

  • Device driver for Windows 7
  • Friction test: If this function is activated, it will be detected during a shock absorber test, if friction forces of the suspension have influenced the results. If friction has been detected, this will be indicated on the printout. By default this feature is activated and can be configured in the system preferences under the menu item "friction".
  • Difference test: If the results of an axis differ more than 16%, this will be shown graphically or in plain text on the printout.

Installation instructions:

  • The installation on Windows 7 with an older installation CD is only possible, if you install the USB device driver first
  • Here you can download the USB device driver: LINK
  • Due to various changes in the program structure, an update of the PC software with a pre-installed older version can fail. To solve this problem you can use the hotfix: LINK
  • Alternatively you can also download the update program that performs the update of the PC software: LINK

Important notes:

  • You can only perform the updates, if your PC is connected to the internet.
  • You can only update the PC software, if an older version is already installed!
  • It is recommended to update the pc software and also the firmware to the version 2.0.
  • In some cases the update of the firmware (= internal software of the tester) can only be performed by using the latest PC software version.
  • Older models (12 operating keys, without USB) are not compatible!

If you have problems with the updates, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it